How to Write and Sell your e-book... FREE

One of the best e-books showing you how to write, sell and promote your first e-book FREE. This e-book is written by Dirk Dupon - a long time experience e-book publisher. The e-book is teaching beginners how to publish their first e-book and make money selling it. He says that all you need to make money with your e-book is to have a copy of MS Word and a Internet connection which I believe anyone has.

1. Lesson one: How to create your book.
2. Lesson two: How to prepare the pages.
3. Lesson three: Upload your book and get ready to sell.
4. Lesson four: Create download links and get ready for payments.
5. Lesson five: Promote your book without paying a penny.

I suggest you download your e-book and post a comment when you publish yours and maybe now :)
Download here.

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Anonymous said...

the download link is inactive

Merqury said...

hi there.. i just changed my link to your blog from to my other blog You don't have to change anything. Now, we both have one way link to our site. Definitely it will give an impact to our google page rank. Thank you and wish you all the best.

Midwest said...

Hello Mark,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. As you saw, I've bought a domain name for it. But I still host it for free at Blogger, I haven't moved it to a paid host. The domain cost me $4.88 and I've bought it for one year ( I will renew it before it expires, next year ).

You've said something about you starting a new blog..What will it be about?