rssHugger is a new program for bloggers. They help bloggers to get more RSS readers. Right now in their dictionary they have 162 blogs. You can feel free to sing up this fantastic program right now. You must add a small review about this website on your blog but if someone does not want to do that he can pay a 10$ fee. By doing this review I suggest I joined rsshugger and that I am going to get more RSS subscribers to my blog.

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raithe said...

Your blog has been approved.

Midwest said...

Hello Marko,

You want to know how to add an image of an RSS feed? You first need to get an image ( just search on Google for "free rss feed buttons" ), and after that you have to upload it to a free image hosting site (such as and then you'll need a software which will help you create the HTML code for the image. I have the software and I can send it to you, if you wish.
If you want to add pages to your blog, you need to get a new template or ask someone who creates this kind of templates, how to insert pages in your blog's template, as I'm not that good at HTML codes.
Well, I've answered to your both questions in the email you've sent me before. But if you want to say it again, here it is:
1. You can disclose your age, if you wish to do it. It's up to you
2. You don't have to pay any taxes for receiving your check.