I am back again

As the title says I am back again, I am really back again. After a long time pause I am finally back doing my posts. I was busy doing all that stuff by raising founds to buy my wordpress hosting. If you want to support me you can do that by buying a link for 1$ :) I wanted to have one of those widgets in my sidebar as they look really nice and I make some money to buy my hosting. I think you noticed the brand new look for my blog, which by my opinion is the best design I ever used, and maybe you feel the same ;) Please post me a comment about the design, if it sucks :) or if it's good and don't forget to vote on the poll. I'll appreciate it too much. Thanks to all those who are going back again and again to view my blog. BTW I am preparing a guest post for jackbook and I received an answer from problogger. I want to do guest posts to both of the blogs and boost my traffic :) (EVIL). OK, really I don't mean that. I'll do guest posts when I start my wordpress blog, and for now on I'll concentrate to give you quality posts and e-books. That's all by THE GRANT BACK post.

Oooppssss.... I forgot :) Merry Christmas Anybody and have a happy 2008 with lots of earnings.


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Javo said...

Cool man, I'll buy a own domain with a wordpress platform too the next year...I'm still looking for the new name because mines is alredy taken ='(. bye bye

ps: the template is good!

Automan said...

Nice design!!! Hope you'll get good number visitors for your blog...

KidExpert said...

Thanks for commenting. I am going to buy a domain when I get some money :) and thanks for telling me that the design is good.

Thanks for commenting too. I think the design is good because it's clean too :) BTW, for me it is very easy to get visits (when you are a traffic master ;) Hope you'll get visits too.

See ya

julia said...

welcome back!
(sorry for the late response, i just see ur link on my link exchange page!)